• Setting the standard

    We use the highest quality of FDA registered long-term medical-grade silicone with no additives.

  • Reliable support

    Our pessaries have been meticulously refined with the help of trusted healthcare professionals all over NZ.

  • Designed for comfort

    Non-invasive solution to manage pelvic organ prolapse providing comfort fit throughout the day.


What is different about Endura?

Unlike other pessaries in the market, Endura does not contain any additives, such as colourant, to mitigate any risk of vaginal irritation.

Additionally, we offer Endura in two hardnesses, Comfort and FirmAid, to ensure patients find the perfect fit for their comfort and support needs.

Who makes Endura?

The Endura pessary range is manufactured by ESP Medical in Hamilton, New Zealand. ESP Medical is an ISO 13485:2016 certified medical device manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in silicone injection moulding for pharmaceutical industry. ESP Medical operates a clean room facility for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

What testing does Endura go through?

The Endura has undergone mechanical testing influenced by the Queen's University, Belfast Mechanical Testing for Vaginal Rings paper.

Each Endura production batch goes through a process of microbial testing with limited specified as per the ISO 11737:2018 to ensure we are not introducing any bacteria through the manufacturing process.

Endura is made using only FDA registered long-term (>30 days) medical-grade silicone.

Is Endura FDA Registered?

The Endura product is not currently registered with the FDA. However, we are an ISO 13485 approved medical device manufacturer and have registered the Endura through the MEDSAFE WAND system which enables us to sell in NZ.

What risk classification of medical devices does Endura fall under?

Class IIb - our product is intended for use for more than 30 days inside a bodily orifice.

Where comfort meets confidence

With our locally made pessaries, you're investing in a product that prioritises women's well-being.